Soft copy of “What’s Making our Children Sick” – Michelle Perro

Dr Michelle Perro is a veteran pediatrician with four decades of experience in acute and integrative medicine. More than fifteen years ago, Dr Perro transformed her clinical practice to include GMO and pesticide advocacy. She manages her own business, Down to Earth Pediatrics, creating a new field of integrative urgent care medicine.

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With chronic disorders among American children reaching epidemic levels, hundreds of thousands of parents are desperately seeking solutions to their children’s declining health, often with little medical guidance from the experts. What’s Making Our Children Sick? convincingly explains how agrochemical industrial production and genetic modification of foods is a culprit in this epidemic. Is it the only culprit? No. Most chronic health disorders have multiple causes and require careful disentanglement and complex treatments. But what if toxicants in our foods are a major culprit, one that, if corrected, could lead to tangible results and increased health?

Using patient accounts of their clinical experiences and new medical insights about pathogenesis of chronic pediatric disorders—taking us into gut dysfunction and the microbiome, as well as the politics of food science—this book connects the dots to explain our kids’ ailing health.


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