“Bustling Street” Framed Painting – by Ruth Skolmli


Ruth Skolmli is a watercolour artist based in East Devon, UK. She paint street scenes, waterscapes and landscapes from my surroundings, aiming to capture the light and atmosphere in each scene.

This painting is a mixture of memories from a local town with narrow streets, and a busy city cafe in Exeter, UK


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“I am a watercolour artist and have painted exclusively with watercolour for around 15 years. I am attracted to dramatic contrast between light and dark in paintings, and watercolour is the perfect medium to create this drama. Being an impatient artist, I like to paint from memory, and painting in watercolour ‘alla prima’ is always the goal, This fast and furious way of painting, a little bit out of control and going with the flow, suits my temperament perfectly. Painting in watercolours can never quite be fully controlled. Not knowing what the result will be when you start is exciting way to paint and keeps you on your toes.

Originally from Lancashire in the UK, my artist grandmother got me started from an early age with her weekend oil painting sessions. I remember not being too keen on the smell of the oil but I always loved the time spent painting and being with my gran.”

The paintings are on Arches 300 gsm (140 lb) Watercolour Paper

Paints are a selection of Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, and Holbein Professional, Artists watercolour paints (lightfast)



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